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Lisa Liz Long

Reality Master, Leading Edge Clairvoyant Coach for Creators of Spiritual Media & Films. Known as “The Einstein of the Collective Unconscious”. Influencer, Screenwriter, SAG-AFTRA.

My focus is to transform the collective consciousness on Earth. I help leading edge creators to clear and align more fully with their Source, so they create the life they came here to live. I help them Level-up to higher dimensional consciousness. I am here to co-create heaven on earth.

Special Sessions – Psychic Transformation and Story Consultant for Movie Professionals.
I am offering limited number of Free 15 Minute Transformational Strategy Sessions
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Clients include:

Lisa Long has worked with clients while they are in the White House Press Room, the United Nations and Air Force Two.

Sessions for A-list celebrities, publishers, studio executives and producers on and off the sets of major motion pictures.

She has worked with doctors, dentists, surgeons and people in the alternative healing arts.

She has worked with national and international attorneys, FBI and police departments.